Scull for EM HR17 busby wanted...


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I know it's a long shot, but happend before on our Forum :D:D...
I'm needing an EM scull for a Braunschweig busby...
Together with the kolpak they're the last items needed to complete my busby....

So if there is someone who has one or knows one for sale, please let me know !!

All the best, Sander


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Did you try the Helmut Weitze site ?
Steve McFarland
I recommend caution when buying from the auction house Weitze.A year ago I bought a Wehrmacht cap from him,which turned out to be a copy from the 1970s.He returned the money, but the distaste remained.


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Compared to those of Kris, Tony and 911car, the skull has a very rough finish on the edges.
He also only has 2 split pins at the back ...
I may be wrong, but it seems a dubious piece to me