Searching for information on a Garde-Regiment Nr. 3 Pickelhaube


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I just picked up a Garde Regiment Nr. 3 pickelhaube that is enroute to me as I write this post. I am posting some pictures of it, hoping that someone can help me identify the unit and individual who wore this pickelhaube before the Great War.

Do the markings on the back visor indicate it is from Königin Elisabeth Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 3 stationed in Berlin-Charlottenburg Pre-World War One, or would it mean it was issued by the 3. Garde-Regiment Zu Fuß was also stationed in Berlin?

The helmet has a tag inside the shell issued or owned by a One-Year Volunteer: Wiegand, assigned to the 8th Company. Would the 8th Company have called up the Wiegand, would he be transferred to another unit within the Regiment or to another Garde Regiment in a Guards Division or the Guards Corps?

Several experts indicate that a helmet was bought privately rather than issued by a unit from previous discussions. However, the tag on the inside would suggest otherwise.

Thank you in advance for any information that helps identify the unit and potential owner.

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Prussian 3rd Guards Pickelhaube F.jpg
Prussian 3rd Guards Pickelhaube R V 3.G.R.1893. copy.jpeg

Prussian 3rd Guards Pickelhaube Interior Name Wiegand forum.jpeg


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Well, as far as I know, you can see the difference in the crossguard of the sword on the wappen.
In this case, it is square, while the Garde ones are more S-shaped. So, to me it looks to be Garde Grenadier Regiment 3.
As they had the square shaped crossguard.


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Hi John,
As far as I know unit stamps mean that the helmet is issued, so no private purchase. When one-year volunteers came into the army they were issued (and paid for) uniform & kit for daily use (i.e. “working hours”), and could use their finer, private purchase, items after hours.
This is how there are issued items with one-year volunteer name tags.


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IMO 3. G. R. would indicate third Garde Regt ( zu Fuss )
I think the Garde Grenadier Regt would be
I think that I have a Kammer issue for GGR
I will need to look


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As far as I know OYV had to buy their own uniforms, but they could spare money by buying used uniform-parts from the army depots.


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Thank you very much for your input; it solidifies my thought on OYV in general. Coert and Steve, thank you for your thoughts on OYV Wiegand might have served in where he might have purchased or rented the pickelhaube. Coert, I will have to look at the hilt on this helmet and others that have Garde wappen to see what you mean concerning this detail.

Sandy and Lars, it makes sense that the OYV would purchase or rent uniform items such as helmets from the unit supply for wear in the field or situations. And use the privately purchased uniform pieces for a parade, guard, and other ceremonies.

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Steve Nick

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Thought I'd post this as it is associated with your helmet acquisition.

Just received this Carte de Visite of a member of the Königin Elisabeth Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 3. He's wearing a 1906 Kaiser's Prize which is why I picked it up. The studio was in Charlottenburg.


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Garde-Regiment Nr. 3​

Steve, I think you are totally right.
Because we have here an old M91 helmet, worn before 1900, it may be absolutely impossible to track this Wiegand in some lists of the GR3 during 1914-18...

I appreciate your thoughts on this helmet, but because it is an older helmet, M-1891, and not required for the Other Ranks, because of the issue of the Model1895/97 was in use, could it possibly be sold to an IYV for use during daily training and field maneuvers.
I do not know much about the OYV program. Would an OYV assigned and trained in a specific regiment eventually be an active duty OR or Reserve Officer in August 1914? In other words, would an OYV who had come into the service in, say, 1910 as an OYV be called up to serve in 1914?
I know I am looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. However, if I can determine which unit, Königin Elisabeth Garde-Regiment Nr. 3, the or the Nr 3 Garde-Grenadier zu fuss. I might get lucky.
Thank you, Steve, for the picture of the Garde Soldat and to all others for your comments.
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