sent rare 92 INF Braunschweig OYV helm to Der Rittmeister

le Gaulois

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Sent my rare 92 INF Braunschweig OYV helmet to Der Rittmeister in Florida for consignment and he return it MINUS the screw on Spike. Since March 20 I have been trying to get Kenneth Greenfield to return it and he will not. Can anyone help me with this problem? The OYV helmet spike base is without the fitting and would like to have him return it. HELP. Thanks, Gary


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I reached out to Ken Greenfield and asked for his perspective on this situation (there are always two sides to every issue). Here is the reply I got to my query:"He sent us a helmet that he had already sold on eBay and collected funds for. The eBay buyer actually called us and told us about the situation. We then told Gary we could not accept his consignment and mailed it back. At that time he then accused us of stealing his spike. I sent him the photos of the helmet the day we opened the package as the trichter / bush had damage that we were willing to repair and there was NO spike. Long story short that was months ago and we still receive daily calls and emails from this man."

I have known Ken for over 3 decades and I have always found him to be an honest and reputable man. His repair of the damaged trichter sounds typical of the generous collector/dealer I have known him to be.
I am sorry that this collector has lost a spike for his helmet, but I think he is looking in the wrong place to find it.


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I have no issues with Ken. Dealt with Ken when I was much richer (when I just started collecting :D )

Jim, thank you for the clarification. :)


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I have know Ken and dealt with him for several years .He and his wife came to my place for a visit
and see my collection some years ago .I do not invite people to see my collection unless I
have 100 % trust in them .
I have also known Jim T. for years .There is not a nicer and more honest person in the collecting
field .Never a problem with either person .
Steve McFarland


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I'll pile on here and state that Ken is one of those people I enjoy dealing with the most! Never had anything resembling a problem with him in many years of business...