Soldiers Memoirs Published During The War Now Translated Available On Kindle And Readers


These are mainly pubished by Book-Fix publications and have been translated from German by Michael O' Neill in the last 10 years

We Attacked At Twilight - 100 Letters from the Great War Trenches. Lots of information on the war in Galicia and the Carpathians

We Were Three Comrades - Wilhelm Spengler.

We Are The Infantry - Friedrich Lehmann

A Cavalry Lieutenant's Diary - Hans Wichelaus

We Are The Western Front - Willy Hacker. Excellent book!

Dying For The Kaiser Part 1 diaries and photograps - Michael O' Neill

Dying For The Kaiser Part 2 diaries and photograps - Michael O' Neill Both books are really good and cover all services

Here The Fields Bleed - Ernst Hammer. Title says it all

I Touched The Earth And Sky - Ritter von Tutschek. Very Prussian

We Are The Eastern Front - Albert Leopold.

Death And Beauty On The Western Front - Alex-Victor von Frankenberg

Flames In The Desert - Hans Henkelburg. Flew against British in the middle east

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