SOS 2022 pics


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Tony here is the display I did at the SOS and at last years MAX….I changed them around every so often….next year I will want to do a Boxer display at one of the shows I attend


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Very nice display, there are lots of rare artifacts which must have taken years to collect. I wish I could have seen them in person at the SOS.


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Thank you both for your kind words! As I get to understand more of Marine activity in China, it lead me to what the other great powers were doing over there…so I have a tiny collection of Imperial forces in Asia images. Tony I have spent hours on your web site over the years admiring its wealth of knowledge. And I have come to really enjoy this forum and the experts who run/contribute their expertise to.

Tony without Kaiser

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That's kind Dirk and thank you but I am no expert. Just an over-enthusiastic collector.

Knötel, Pietsch, Lainé, Larcade; those were the experts.


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I can well relate to the “over-enthusiastic collector” syndrome…..i suffer from it as well. Those experts you mentioned were before my time…I am guessing they did much to advance the hobby that moved the Pickelhaube community passed Col Rankin‘s book back in the early 80’s when I bought by first Pickelhaube. Web sites like yours though give a great entry to new collectors by showing us so many examples…as a result and that, and this forum I have started the task of buying Verlag Militaria books on the Imperial Army…..