Spiked Helmet Sign or STS, is a ECG sign?

Apparently, this is an ECG sign that is not very well explored. I hope it's not too severe! Can't have the word Pickelhaube striking fear into people's minds!
I know this sign, Louis, and I had already posted a note about it on the forum. The original publication did not mention it as being "ominous", though, and, principally, had illustrated it with a real Pickelhaube, not a fake like here... I will try to retrieve it.
This being said, Circulation is one of the top journals in the field.
Thank you for posting this.
Here you go:
My apologies I didn't see your first post! I was just looking at ECG signs and stumbled across the article.
No apologies, Louis! Great that you could find this recent publication. I had missed it.
And I had forgotten that the beautiful example shown is from Tony's cupboard...