Stahlhelms for sale cheap! And so versatile!


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I found this tonight in a history of the Australian War Memorial, which today is one of the world's premier WW1 museums.

Back in the 1920s, they had such a surplus of stahlhelms that they sold off their excess items as household decor novelties!

In case you can't read the text of this original 1925 press ad:

"Tin Hats but with other uses.
The Australian War Memorial has a limited number of German steel helmets for sale - plain or converted for use as coal buckets, pot stands, or hanging baskets.
Designed to protect the heads of soldiers from rile or artillery fire, their outstanding feature is their strength.

PRICES: Helmet only 5/- ; with ball feet or wrought iron stand, or with chains for hanging (as in illustration), 10/-, Camouflaged Helmets, 2/6 extra.

Obtainable from-
The Australian War Memorial Museum, Exhibition Building, Sydney or Melbourne."

Makes a lovely hanging pot plant...

They also sold off German machine gun ammo boxes for you to keep your important deeds and legal documents in!


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When my Dad as a kid (1920's) they had one that they used for a coal bucket. His Uncle's Doughboy helmet was made in There is a home near me that even today has two Doughboy helmets as lamp shades at the end of their drive way.