Standard Ribbon Size


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Does anybody know what the standard ribbon width was for German medals?

This campaign medal for the Napoleonic Wars (Befreiungskrieg) 1815 has a ribbon that is 38mm wide:

This campaign medal for the Franco-Prussian War has a ribbon that is 31mm wide:

And this Hindenburg medal has a ribbon 34mm wide:

It seems that the sizes are all over the board.
What is correct?

John :?


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Is it legal to have a MOH ribbon bar ? I know we cant have a MOH that was not awarded to a family member....anybody know?Regards, David


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As far as I know Title 18, United States Code, Section 704, prohibits the buying, selling, trading, importing, exporting, or bartering for anything of value for a Medal of Honor, “the ribbon, button, or rosette of any such badge, decoration or medal, or any colorable imitation thereof”. Note ownership is not prohibited, yet. But I understand that there is consideration to claim the MOH is always the property of the US Government and only entrusted to the recipients for the duration of their life. That the decoration is to be returned to the Government upon the recipient's death.