Steve's latest find, a KAGGR1 Fusilier Battalion Officer Miter.


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Hello friends,

Steve has sent me some pictures of his latest additions, for me to post on our forum.
He bought a fabulous KAGGR1 Fusilier Battalion Officer miter, which was earlier sold in 1974, to a German collector, it is now in Steve's collection.
Here are some pictures, first one of the Graf Klenau auction were it was sold.
G K  1974.jpeg
Steve has bought this same miter at the Hermann auction. It is the most magnificent helmet Steve has bought in his 50 years of collecting.
There are only 2 examples known in private collections.
2 more pictures of it:
KAGGR 1 F B miter.JPG
KAGGR 1 F B Miter  a.JPG

As usual, Steve will add more info, he was blown away with the way the miter looks, real quality!
I will post more pictures later this week, as Steve has sent me more. Not of this miter, but other helmets and a GFM strap with great provenance.

Have a nice evening!

Greetings, Coert. :)


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Wow, super, super nice Steve! The "Rare of the Rare" for sure!!! :bravo:

This has to be the nicest one in existence, of what, maybe 2 or 3 others that might still exist???

Congratulations! You've had one super-fantastic year of rare items added to your world-class collection! \:D/ =D>

Best Wishes,



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Hello Alan ;
Thank you .
I know of only 1 other KAGGR # 1 / Fusilier Batl officer miter in a private collection .
This one showed up 46 years ago in an old Graf Klenau auction . A collector in Berlin bought it
and it was in his collection until this year .Talk about a long wait !
Come to visit me sometime
Steve McFarland


Wow! What a beautiful mitre! I don’t know how I missed the original post. 46 year wait is pretty impressive too, but well worth it in the end!


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Beautiful helmet.

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