Strange Metal M15 Ersatz photos


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Hello all,

I’ve finally received the Metal Ersatz helmet I posted about a month ago and am now posting better up close photos as requested by b.loree. Unfortunately as expected both the chinstrap and cockades are reproductions. I was told that the underside and how the Wappen and bolts are connected could shine some light on the helmet’s history. The Wappen seems to be connected to the helmet in three different places, and the bolts appear to connect to a rusted metal band.


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I’m sorry everyone I’ve tried posting several times and the photos won’t post. I’ve gotten them onto Imgur as suggested but it still won’t let me import onto here


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I've had the same problem posting photos the last couple days. Can't even view a preview. There have been some going up today and yesterday so it doesn't seem to be site wide. Maybe this has something to do with the temp server being used to host the photos.


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I also had some problems posting pictures here, but at last I succeeded, using Postimage.
Using direct from my computer didn't work out.
But now I can see your photos Michael. But I cannot give you any ideas about it, I never saw one like that before, with the metalband
for fixing the liner to the shell. The helmet doesn't look like a fake to me anyway. It might be a maker who just isn't known for making lots of helmets..
But to be fair, I just don't know.
An interesting one....

I have never seen one like this before but, in my opinion, not necessary one which should be classified as “not legit”. The construction looks too correct to be a fake and yet, as previously mentioned, it is not a construction pattern which I can recall having ever encountered. Minute details such as folding pins look right, even the front and back visors. However, the side metal wedges are for sure unseen before.

Overall, I would still give it a :thumb up: (minus chinstrap and cockades)



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Thanks for posting it now that you have it in your hands. I look forward to reading the comments of those who have handled or own owned metal M15 Ersats Pickelhauben.
Best regards


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I’ve conducted a magnet test and have concluded that the helmet is NOT STEEL! The shell itself is not magnetic and is therefore not steel. The Wappen, spike base, spike, rivets, and metal liner band are magnetic, however. I’m unsure if this means that it’s either tin or aluminum. Does anyone have any insight on this?