The King’s Prize (Konigsschiessabzeichen)

Steve Nick

In 1895 the German Army began the practice of awarding a prize for marksmanship in the Infantry, Jägers and the Artillery. The award was extended to include the Machine Gun units in 1903. Each of the four Kingdoms within the Reich made these awards.

The Kingdoms of Bavaria, Saxony and Wurttemberg awarded Kings Prizes to the qualifying units under their control utilizing the crowns of the respective Kingdoms. These awards bear the distinctive Kings crown associated with each respective kingdom.

The prizes were fashioned from brass with a gilt finish and were mounted on an oval cloth backing in the colour of the service branch. Infantry awards are found with respective units backing until the introduction of the pattern 1910 Field Grey uniform. Jäger units are found with a dark “rifle green” backing until 1910 when they also adopted Field grey.

Machine gun units only competed in the odd numbered years. Therefore, award years should be as follows: 1903,1905,1907,1909,1911,1913.

Kings crown Prizes show different dies were used.

Due to the fact that the shooting competitions for the Army were held in the late summer, 1913 was the last year in which they were awarded.

The Kings Prize for Machine Gun companies is from the Kingdom of Saxony and is courtesy of Steve McFarland.


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