The late , great Jarl Hartze of Stockholm, Sweden

Interesting photo dated dec 1915. The troops wear the particular ersatz minimal pickelhaube. These helmet were utilized in Palestina and in the balcanic area. Nowaday there is a lot of fakes around in the world and is extremely hard to find a good one. This is the mineView attachment 34445
Great photos
Thanks for the post
Garde Ulan
Sure ,but to be exact I would need to get into my letter file that I saved
from Jarl .Which I will do.
I know that Jarl came to visit me here in the 1980's with his wife at the time.
The connection was that a collector I knew in Calif had married a girl from Sweden.
He is the collector that I visited circa 2004 with the steel helmet collection
That's how I became friends with Jarl.
Also my intro to Walt Hartmann.
I was one of the very few collectors who was able to get to see Walt's collection
at his house .
Jarl was very helpful to find me helmets that I was looking for
I bought his H R 17 officers Attila shown in the photo with him.
Somewhere I have info on Jarl's 50th Birthday .
I am not sure what year that Jarl passed away,
He suffered from Parkinson's disease
and at the end was not able to write
His last letter to me was very sad
the words that he tried to write were all over the page .
I think that the dealer Sergio Semino bought the collection
or at least parts of it
A big part of it was sold by Max Sjöberg (Probus Auctions) back then...a lot of old Swedish military headgear.
Sorry for the poor quality
I have the original B & W 8 X 10 photo
somewhere , but I can't locate it right now
this from one of Jarl's publication
years ago which I guess in it's way was a early pre computer world
a form of
We see Jarl seated in front of part of his helmet collection
He had a mixture of German , Russian and Swedish helmets
Jarl came to the USA and visited collectors over here
including myself .
One of the airlines did an article about Jarl in their magazine
It was titled "The Mad Hatter "
I wanted to remember Jarl
SteveView attachment 34329
I bought that H R 17 Attila from Jarl .