The Reality of International Purchases... Hannover M15 WATERLOO and US Customs

My most nerve racking experience was a purchase through eBay Kleinanzagen directly with an individual for a Bavarian Helmet.

First I fretted about having to do a bank transfer and waiting to hear that he had finally received it. Then the shipping. It seemed to be taking forever so I contact the seller again and asked him to check for an update from his end for the shipping and he replied "Am Schiff." I had seen the last status for Frankfurt and assumed it was going by air. Once I heard it was going by ship I did a bunch of internet sleuthing and determined where it would end up ( departure port after sailing up the Rhine I think) and then researched how long on average ships take to get to Montreal, Canada. It was a 30 day estimate and lo and behold the next status update I got was 30 days later when it had arrived at Montreal. That was a happy day - but still not completely happy until it arrived at my house.

And by the way, I did a lot of internet spying to determine that the seller was real and even figured out his antique shop where he lived. Plus I phone and talked to him with my High School German before sending the bank transfer.

So a "fun" adventure getting that helmet.

It's the one on the left (with the shrapnel from Coert that fit the dent/hole in the spike).


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I had the same experience as Steve. First the customs fee, which was for a helmet from France that was clearly marked as an antique of more than 100 yrs old. Then 9 months later, the state got me with 6.5% sales fee. It turns out that U.S. Customs alerts the state! With some work, I was able to get the penalty reduced. But now I’m labeled as an “Importer”

Maybe good news: I understand Hermann Historica is going to set up an operation in the U.S. if successful, it will greatly alleviate the Customs mess. .

I think that Jason B. is already their USA agent