Three new photos of Carl Holler


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Hi Guys,
The number of photos is growing!
Three photos of Carl Holler with a Fokker Eindecker at KEK Sivry courtesy of Peter Grosz through Greg VanWyngarden and Terry Phillips. Enjoy.
Otto :D

PS. Did you know somebody at Dallas University? Is our Carlson, Erik Carlson?
If don't, did you know somebody who knows Erik Carlson? At Dallas University they have a big number of Carl Holler's photos from the Ed Ferko's Collection.
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As I said on another forum, far, far away........he must have been a great guy since he appears to love dogs! :D


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This guy is always smiling. He must have been filled with the goodness of life. I too would like to read the book about him.


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Thanks Mike, Joe, Gus and Pete.

Joe, I have a free translation (reduced), made by a Belgian friend and a xerox copy of the book, in German. If you want (and you all too, guys )I can send the 2 (transalation and book), just ask.