Überrocking in the New Year #3: Dragoner Regt. König Friedrich III (2.Schlesisches) Nr. 8

Tony without Kaiser

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To continue with the Überrock theme with John M., here is an old friend in superb condition. It is a Hauptmann (Captain) in Dragoner Regt. König Friedrich III (2.Schlesisches) Nr. 8 VI Armee - Korps Kreuzburg/Berstadt/Namslau.

I've had the Überrock for many years, but recently 'upgraded' the Dragoner Pickelhaube to a very nice example.

To see the Überrock photos and the standard write-up, click  Here.

To see the Pickelhaube click Here.



WoooHooo!! Too legit to quit!

Very, very nice Tony! That Uberrock is in super fantastic condition and the hauber is to kill for!