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I need your help please.
This morning a the flea market I bought this kepi. I'm not a serial collectionist of US materials but this headgear seems to tell me "buy me" and so....
The eagle badge is for infantry and the rosettes show as musicians i think. Is it a kepy for US army musicians? And what's the period of this stuff?
Someone can help me to place it more exactly. On the top you can see a hole for a cockade or feldzeichen. Someone knows as it was done?
Thank you very much.


I agree it is not military. It is either a school or a civic band shako from around 1910, give or take ten years. The eagle on the front is actually the same eagle used on the US infantry dress cork helmet from the late 1800's. Surplus military helmet parts were used by many school, civic and fraternal groups.


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That plate is still being made and used on these shakos today, although they are now plastic.