Wrong cockade on Saxon duchy pickelhaube?

tony v

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I recently picked up this 1895 pickelhaube with the Saxon Duchy state pickelhaube and correct motto but interestingly with a cockade for the state of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt.

Now my question is whether it is possible for the owner to have been from this state but in another regiment, hence the cockade showing his allegiance or is it just wrong ?

there are no unit markings visible to help and the cockade looks like it's been on there a while.

Any help, theories or advice appreciated.


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Hi Tony,
I hope that I am wrong but I get a bad feeling from what I can see on the pictures. The body of the helmet looks like an aged modern reproduction to me. Hopefully it's just the pictures, and in-hand it might clearly be original.

tony v

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Thanks Lars, you may be right, other opinions now actively canvased please !

cheers Tony #save my blushes


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Tony, where is this Reuss cockade you mentioned? On the other side of the helmet?
Thank you.

tony v

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Boy am I having a bad day ! I ment to say should it have the Saxon Duchy cockade ? as the one on it is Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt ! Good spot Bruno.

Tony without Kaiser

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Tony the images are small, but one look at that spike and the liner and that's enough to suggest you might wish to have a hard look at that helmet. Have you had the Wappen off?

tony v

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The liner rang alarm bells when I first saw it to be honest but the wappen looked good when I took it off.....I think I have kidded myself....the price, the bright lights, the need to make a quick decision.........it's gone back.