WW1 German Field Dressings 1914


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Hello all,

I haven't been active on the forum for quite some time as my choice of career (teacher) has rather got in the way, as it is so very good at doing. The recent events in the world have, however, given me a little more time to indulge my increasingly neglected hobby.

In my collection I have two First World War German field dressings. I understand that this is the small variety (it measures approximately 8cm x 3.5 cm) and that other (later?) versions were larger. I've had these for well over 15 years and have never really had much cause to doubt them, but I gather that these are cropping up more frequently for the reenactor market and I find myself struck with a mild bout of 'collector paranoia'.

If anyone out there knows anything about these or has a similar example, I'd be very interested.

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Hi Simon,
A huge batch was found in Belgium about two years ago.
To my knowledge over 1000 pieces.
These have all come on the market, but "disappeared" in collections.
Almost all in perfect condition and with various stamps, but mainly from Cassel, but also some from Antwerp! ( Belgium).
Stamped and sometimes re-stamped with various years from 1915 to 1918.