WW1 USMC Officer Covers

"Hats off" to those who created this forum! Here are a couple of M1912 marine officer covers that may be of interest.


Cover #1 is named to a Lt.T.H. Mitchell. Through information provided by the USMC Museum in Quantico, 2nd Lt. Thomas Harron Mitchell USMCR was appointed 12/6/18 and was inactive on 1/23/1919...Not much of a career!!.

Cover #2 is a bit earlier, possibly even predating WW1 with the bell being somewhat slighter. It is interesting the different shades allowed for the mohair band and quadrafoil, the types of cloth for the bell and the use of laquered canvas vs. leather on the visor/strap were able to "personalize" your marine officer cover. It seems regulations on the Army officer's visors might have been a bit more stringent.


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Hi Dave:

I was traveling when you posted these. Stunning examples! Looking at the older cap, one can appreciate the genesis of the term, "jarhead."

What else have you been hiding from us?

Thanks again all for your comments.


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