WWI German Prussian Infantry Pickelhaube M1915 helmet leather with feldgrau fittings Regiment marked "JR 76" - 2. Hanseatic Hamburg TRADES ACCEPTED

$335 USD
WWI German Prussian Infantry Pickelhaube M1915 Helmet Leather Shell With Liner Feldgrau Fittings JR 76 2. Hanseatic Hamburg TRADES
The threads on the visors and sides are still intact. The liner is still attached the helmet. Regiment stamped "JR 76" on the rear visor. This helmet was probably and ex guard helmet or other older Pickelhaube because it was converted to an m1915 helmet because there 8 old spike and wappen holes that are filled in and then secured on the inside of the shell with a leather patch. The rear part of the shell was zig zag stitched under the rear vent assembly and then secured on the inside of the helmet with a leather patch. The helmet is still in one piece with the liner and it is unit marked so it at least has to be worth something. Yes this helmet saw a lot of use and wear but it is still collectible and this isn't the worst example of an m1915 out there. If you have any questions about condition refer to the photos or just ask me and I will do my best to answer.
***I also have other WWI and WWII German items for sale. I will trade for an M1915 Gummimaske, M1917 Ledermaske, ARS gas mask or WWI German stuff.***


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