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    The wiemar government would not have an Imperial eagle on the insignia of what was left of the German army. Having said that, I think this piece is probably period (20's) and made from parts by one individual. Not an official brassard. ________ Piero Taruffi
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    A nice uniform

    Mike, do you have a date on the older painting of Wilhelm II? ________ MOTORCYCLE TIRES
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    Pittence of a collection and display

    The uniforms are incedible! I have to ask. Is that a real D.S.O.? Are all the other awards original pieces also? I am speachless. ________ Concept 7 series activehybrid
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    Jolly Good -- My Latest British Helmets

    I think I may have found the right guys. Can you give me any and all info you have regarding the 1834 Pattern Dragoon helmet." 1st or Kings Dragoon Guards". I have a Trooper/NCO version in my collection and have researched them to Canada in 1837.I have a hard time finding uniform regs for these...
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    Greetings people

    I just found your sight and it looks great. I am a general militaria collector but have always found Imperial headgear (German or otherwise) very interesting. I have a great deal to learn. ________ Honda Cb750A