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    Use Of The Word ‘Wounded’ Debated After Footage Of Armor With Cannonball Hole Went Viral

    Here is a strong riposte to those who make light of this.
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    Peter Jackson's Collection

    Peter, Thanks for posting this. What a brilliant film! It took me right back to making model WW1 planes 60+ years ago. Hats off to Peter Jackson. Patrick
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    Hi Bruno, How did you manage to identify the village? That’s quite a feat. Also how did you find four WW1 photos of the same place? Patrick
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    another Brit

    Hi Tony, Welcome to the forum. Our British contingent is growing nicely! Patrick
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    Hi from another Brit with the bug

    Hi Drew, from yet another Brit. You’ve come to the right place! Patrick
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    Just for show some parts of my Collection

    Superb collection, beautifully displayed, and great photos. Patrick
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    15th Lancashire Artillery Volunteers 1860-1880

    Steve, Very nice, particularly with the local associations. I have a named Victorian officer’s 7th Lancashire Volunteer Artillery blue cloth- photos lurking somewhere in ‘ General Headgear’ along with my other blue cloths. Sorry if I’m telling you something you know already, but the chin...
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    Private Messages/Conversations Issue

    Brian, I am very happy to pay $20 p.a., as I have been donating each year anyway. On a separate note, there seems to have been a sudden influx of new members, which is great. I wonder if something sparked this, or if it‘s just a strange coincidence. Patrick
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    Rodney my superman

    Amy, that’s very sad news. I send my condolences. Patrick
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    Is this worth restoring?

    Nick, You’re very welcome. Glad you’ve benefited already. Through being a member of this forum, I have learnt a lot, received great advice, avoided making some expensive mistakes, and been able to buy some great haubes. Apart from all this, it is a great community of courteous, intelligent and...
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    Is this worth restoring?

    Nick, Glad you checked this out! Patrick
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    Hi From England

    Hi Nick, Welcome from Scotland. There’s a huge amount of knowledge and experience available here, freely given. Patrick
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    Dragoon Helmet

    I can’t help thinking that these guys were amongst the lucky ones, on both sides, taken prisoner in the early days of the war, thus avoiding the carnage of the next four years.
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    Looking for 5th Dragoon Guards Helmet

    Peter, You’d be very welcome, but don’t forget the sewing kit! Cheers Patrick
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    Looking for 5th Dragoon Guards Helmet

    Well done Peter, I’ll send you all mine to fix now! Patrick