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    Rodney my superman

    Very sorry to hear about your loss Amy. I was widowed 5 years ago. It is a horrible thing to have to endure.
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    Cavalry band display

    Thank you everyone for the kind words. The kettle drum covers are very cool. Would love to get one from the 13th Ulan! :)
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    Cavalry band display

    A display I put together to show off the Garde Kurassier Regimental band trumpet. In the shape of the Musikmeister's badge
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    2K Helmet

    Nice looking helmet Neil!
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    Hi From England

    Welcome aboard.
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    German Cavalry in Poland Dec 1914

    Old news photo. Inscription on the back says it is taken near Petrikan, Poland on Dec 18, 1914. Inscription says they are Uhlans which is incorrect. They appear to have metal helms so either Curassiers or Jaeger zu Pferd. You can see a couple guys sitting in a car on the side of the road in...
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    Since it's been awhile... Garde Kurrasier Regiment Officer

    Awesome John! Thanks for sharing!
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    Arrived today .Pre war Waffenrock for Grenadier Regt. 7

    Very nice Steve! Congratulations
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    Pickelhaubes my collection.

    Wow. Excellent collection Wojtek!
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    A Few East Asian Expeditionary Corps Images

    Very interesting photos. Thanks for sharing!
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    Saxe Buckle HR 20

    Nice find Brian!
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    My little Pickelhaubes collection…

    Very nice Sandy! Love it!
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    Another Garde Tschapka

    NIce work Brian!