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    Infantry Officers epaulettes

    Very nice Steve! I have an officer's sword from one of those Regiments. At some point I'd like to get a shoulder strap or epaulette to display with it. Cheers! Bob
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    Infantry Officers epaulettes

    Do you have any from the 17th or 18th Dragoon Regiment Steve? Cheers Bob
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    Wartime band

    Thanks Sandy!
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    Wartime band

    Taken in Antwerp in 1915. I can make out the first couple lines on the back. Can anyone make out the rest? Thanks
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    Leib Garde Hussar

    Thank you gentlemen!
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    Restoration Busbies/Pelzmützen

    Looks good Sergei!
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    Topless beauties

    Very nice Bruno!
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    Feldgrau Garde Grouping

    Nice set! Looks like a nice shelf of helmets behind them as well! Congratulations!
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    Looking for 5th Dragoon Guards Helmet

    Congratulations Peter!
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    Leib Garde Hussar

    Dated 1916
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    Prussian Guard Tschapska

    Very nice Bruno! Love the Regiment.
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    Mail for Klara

    I think the Dragoons may actually be Jaeger zu Pferd. Possibly the 11th JzP. The recipient is in Gleiwitz which is the garrison of 2nd UR and the uniform details would match the 2nd UR. The 2nd was in VI Armee Korps. Other cavalry units in that korps were the 1 Kurassier, 11 JzP and 4th and...
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    An IR 95

    Very nice!
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    Mail for Klara

    Possibly members of a staff of a Cavalry brigade?