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    All Quiet on the Western Front

    One thing I wondered about was that bullet hole in Paul’s helmet. He got it, I believe, in 1917. At the end of the war, 1918, he had the same helmet with the same hole. Was it normal to keep a “holed” helmet? I would have guessed not. Dosty
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    Another HR 20 busby

    The kolpak is sewn all around, so no way to see the top, unfortunately.
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    Another HR 20 busby

    I enjoyed the discussion on Brian’s HR 20 busby. I thought I would show mine again but with more detail. The similarities to Brian’s suggest that they were made by the same company. The stamps on the inside are the same, 20 H.R. and BA XII. So are the raw leather inside tops. Plus, the flat...
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    Saxon Schirmmütze for Schützen

    Thank you Mike. Item sold
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    Saxon Schirmmütze for Schützen

    I can live with $490.00, though life won’t be quite as sweet
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    Saxon Schirmmütze for Schützen

    Officer cap for Saxon Schützen. Grey-green cloth with black velvet band and light green piping. Cockades are original to the cap as are the side buttons. There’s a small moth spot under the chinstrap and a pinprick on the rear. Silk lining, leather sweatband, leatherette visor all showing light...
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    Vulture feather plume for busby

    Beautiful and perfect vulture feather plume for officer busbies in HR 3-6 and 8-16. One top on the tube is missing, the other complete. Feathers 9.5 inches tall; total height 13 inches. An excellent asking price of $750.00
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    Busby - Attila Mismatch

    Hello, I've got an officer's busby (opposum) for HR7, and an officer's parade attila for HR7. However, the pelzmutze is 1912+ and the attila is the Russian blue model worn until about 1908. According to regulation and history, the two would not have been worn together. Unless.... does any...
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    Best way to ship from Eu to USA

    Here's a tale about shipping from Europe. A year ago, I purchased a high priced item from France. I had not dealt with the dealer before. He shipped it to me FedEx. As I recall, the label stated the year of the helmet (1896) but did not say "antique" or "over 100 years old". When it arrived at...
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    Curassier Lobstertail Repair

    On the 26 April 2020 Kuirassier forum, I presented an officer helmet needing a serious lobstertail repair. The tail was separated in back, the reinforcing spots on the sides were separated, and the brass retaining pin on the left was broken. During Pandemic winter, I tackled the project...
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    Rear Visor Holes

    Thanks for clearing up this issue. I salivate every time I see that pyramid
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    Rear Visor Holes

    Hello – Over the years, I’ve seen at two or three pickelhauben with holes in the rear visors. The story is that the owners used the holes to hang the haube on a wall after the war. Does that make sense as a likely reason?
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    Saxon HR 20 NCO

    Normally they would hard to find. But they all came together on the busby. What luck. Dosty
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    Saxon HR 20 NCO

    Hello, I’ve enjoyed looking at the HR 20 that was posted in 2017. Since mine is for an Unteroffizier, I thought I would try to post it here as an additional reference. Of particular note are the chinscales, which have no connectors on the ends, and are unique to the post-1904 Saxon hussars...
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    Lobstertail Separation

    A "cascade failure of all the solder points." That's exactly what happened, John. By the way, I will use that elegant phrase in describing my problem to friends. It'll make me sound like I know what I'm doing with this helmet. Thanks to everyone else, too. As soon as the world opens for...