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    Not Pickelhaube, Pickelhaube?

    I don't have my metric measure on hand where I am at the moment so the '95 Prussian is for size comparison. Anyway which type of helm would use a Bavarian wappen relative to this size? Thank you.
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    Prussian Wappen Question

    Anyone know of any helmets that have a Prussian wappen that has a plate mounted to the wappen using holes arranged like this? Or has the wappen just been messed with? Thanks for anyone's expertise!
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    Sigh... rotfl ; )

    IMA in a few words: Overpriced, Out of Stock, Poor Quality Repros
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    Sigh... rotfl ; )

    It absolutely baffles me how they could pass this off as original and it isn't even close. I think they bought up Finnish surplus because they had a lot of Finnish stahlhelms and Finn reissued German and Austrian stahlhelms.
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    Sigh... rotfl ; )
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    Question? Vented Spines and Front Visor Trim Sizes

    Makes sense, thanks anyway ; )
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    Question? Vented Spines and Front Visor Trim Sizes

    Do you know what the dimensions are for the spine and visor trim on a size 57?
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    Question? Vented Spines and Front Visor Trim Sizes

    Yea the largest m1915 prussian that I have is size 59.5cm everything else usually seems to be around 56cm.
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    Question? Vented Spines and Front Visor Trim Sizes

    I was wondering if anyone would know what size visor trims and spines are used on size 57 and size 58 helms. From what I have seen helms around size 56 use a 16cm spine and then about a 29.5cm visor trim and then a size 59.5 helm uses about a 17cm spine and about a 30.5cm visor trim. So I am...
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    Rare And Original

    Honest piece, bid with confidence!
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    Looking for M91 brass pickelhaube chinstrap posts BUY OR TRADE

    I am looking for a pair of brass m91 chinstrap posts in good condition. I have Pickelhauben parts that I can trade or I can buy.
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    $75.00 Officer Reichskokarde Cockade

    All intact structurally sound. Officer Reichskokarde. Around 5.5 cm in diameter. $75.00. I also have more parts I will list...
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    Pickelhaube Brass Scaled Chinstrap - Mounted Troops MAKE OFFER

    Good condition chinstrap piece. For mounted troops. Measures around 15cm in length. Brass scales with leather backing. Leather and rivets are all intact. Make Offer I also have spikes, wappens, vents, kokarden, and visor trims I will be listening...
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    $265 WWI Austrian M17 Stahlhelm steel helmet AW64 Size 64 cm

    $265 WWI Austrian M17 Stahlhelm steel helmet AW64 Shell is in good solid condition no holes or heavy pitting/corrosion. Maker code stamp is still clearly visible "AW64" made by Adolf Westen Cilli in Celie, Slovenia. The top is stamped "P" and "P19" indicating it came from the Poldi rolling...
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    QUESTIONS... Pre95 Prussian Pickelhaube Fittings

    Yea just me know what you are looking for and if you are interested in m1916 stahlhelms or other German militaria