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    Cased Iron Half Moon (Gallipoli Star)

    Hello, How much later? It is pretty rare and most in the medal community have not seen one. Regards, Jody
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    Cased Iron Half Moon (Gallipoli Star)

    Hello folks, Here is one of my Gallipoli Stars. It is a standard example by BB&C. What makes my example so unique is that it has the original form fitted case (pretty rare). Regards, Jody
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    Imperial Flight Badges

    Hello, I thought I would post my Imperial flight badges. Here are badges for Pilot and Observer and both are by C.E. Juncker Berlin. Regards, Jody
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    Galipoli Star

    Hello, What a great award. I have several myself. Regards, Jody
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    Army Wound Badge in Gold…

    Hello, What a beautiful gold wound badge. I have wanted a 800 marked example for years. Regards, Jody
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    Help with Bavarian Officers Pickelhaube

    Hello, The helmet has had cockades on it at one time where they should be, behind the chinscales. There was no device pinned on the upper side of the opposite side of the helmet. All I can say is that the cockade has been on there a long time. It has even imprinted itself on the finish of the...
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    Help with Bavarian Officers Pickelhaube

    Here it is with the carrying case:
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    Help with Bavarian Officers Pickelhaube

    Hello, I have a question. I bought this helmet over the weekend. It came from a friend who acquired from a WWII vet in 1983. I can verify that story because I was around when he bought it back in the day and saw it right after he bought it (I was 18). I told him if he ever wanted to sell it to...