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    Tough work ahead

    It looks like someone cut it this way; any idea why?
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    Train Battalion 7 trumpeter

    Aaah, that explains a lot, thanks for the correction :)
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    6th Bavarian Field Artillery Regt Enlisted Man

    Perfect picture! :)
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    Train Battalion 7 trumpeter

    Thanks for showing. I would expect Train to be wearing a Tschako rather than a Pickelhaube; maybe a war-time expedient, or a different unit? Lars
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    M95 chinstrap

    Hi Will, I have only a few Aluminiumbronze chinstraps, but on mine the sliders look more refined. Lars
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    A Fondness For Felts

    Very nice, thanks for showing!
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    Under collections - not just Pickelhaubes?

    Really nice that you have all the accessories too, very nice to see and thanks for showing
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    Under collections - not just Pickelhaubes?

    Congratulations! What a wonderful collection!
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    Kürassier Opinions

    The shell looks original, but the rest looks fake. As a clear attempt has been made to age the Wappen, I don't trust the liner either, somehow too rounded around the folding edge. Regards, Lars
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    Bavarian Vulcanfiber

    Hi Alan, I read “ Lt. Shneider” 15. bay R.I.R., although “Schneider” makes more sense. Regards, Lars
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    Canvas Ersatz Authentic?

    Jürgen Kraus explains the development of the field-grey uniform summarily in "Die deutsche Armee im Ersten Weltkrieg", and more extensively in "Die feldgraue Uniformierung des deutschen Heeres 1907-1918". The Kaiser wanted to keep all the pomp & circumstance related to the blue uniform, i.e...
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    Canvas Ersatz Authentic?

    Hi Philippe, Surely "Felduniform" ;) Regards, Lars
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    Question. What is the difference between Vulken fiber and regular pickelhaube leather?

    Very recognizable on the neck guard that Vulkan Fiber is much thinner than leather, Regards, Lars