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    Other hobbies

    So, since airsoft tends to be a little slow in the summer time, what other hobbies do you partake in to occupy your time until "airsoft season?"
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    Does anybody know what type Tschapka this is?

    Hmm well I dont know a lot about birds but I dont think its a eagle, a red tailed hawk maybe.. maybe even a falcon? Wish I could be more help but Im pretty sure its a hawk of some type...
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    Part of My Wappen Collection

    Looks like you haave a nice collection of literature along with diecast :cheers I am a paper collector myself :happy
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    Hi from Australia

    Hi to everyone Im from Australia and converted when I heard about Medjugorje from my Catholic sponsor. Theres a lot to read and Ill just post messages as I go along. God bless Karen Australia
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    Standard Ribbon Size

    Is it legal to have a MOH ribbon bar ? I know we cant have a MOH that was not awarded to a family member....anybody know?Regards, David
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    Army museum Brussels

    I saw one in a museum in France last year but thats it.I wish I could find one as Id like to add one to my AAF ground equipment display.I wonder what happened to all the M1s brought to the UK by the Eighth? Matt.
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    M1915 Leib-Kuirassier Restoration

    Really looks great I appreciate you restoration work, especially your leaving the original finish, and the ageing, on the parts. Will this be matched up with the other 2 boxes eventually?
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    The Adrian Helmet Celebrates 100 Years

    Very nice looking helmet.What did you use to remove the paint ?When was the helmet painted over ?