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    Gibraltar Cuff Titles

    Incredible. Glenn you are that. Really…you always come through like UK Army always do. Great images Karl.
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    5th Batterie Braunschweig Field Artillery Regt 10 ; A Grand slam!

    No words to describe that… Did not know one still existed. That is astounding. Thank you.
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    5th Batterie Braunschweig Field Artillery Regt 10 ; A Grand slam!

    I’ve read about these straps Steve, but never seen a photo. Artillerie and Braunschweig. What could be better? When I obtain a strap with a tag on the back, I always leave it be. I think that’s great that you do the same. It feels to me, like a tribute to the previous collector.
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    Happy Chinese New Year

    What Dennis said Amy!
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    Schirmmützen – Kurhessen Hussars

    Oh what beautiful things those are! Nicely done Jeff. I’ve always felt Schirmmützen are under-collected (if that makes sense?) You get the same cloth, colours, and piping of a uniform in an easily displayed Mütze. Plus they make a colourful and attractive display. You clearly have an eye for...
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    Germany - Preußen Line Infanterie

    No experts here Jeff just we interested collectors. When you see a Prussian private purchase eagle Wappen like this (pierced crown) it typically has no Bandeau, and a Landwehr cross on the chest for Landwehr, or Landwehr cross on the tail with FR on the chest for Reserve. However, as Amy...
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    Shako Wappen Collection

    Once again Zebedeus shows us so much quality! Marvelous. For the Sachsen Tschako, you have gilt star + silver overlay, the reverse of silver star + gilt overlay, then in 1909 the Schützen and Jäger get the hunting horn overlay, and on it goes…
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    Freikorps Insignia? Postwar Photo of an Oberleutnant

    Wow! VERY useful Jens! All of us should keep those images. Thank you!
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    3rd Jaeger zu Pferd Enlisted man with his bride

    Then between you Steve and Dennis, that uniform has a rock-solid pedigree. Very nice to see it again 😃
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    Germany - Preußen Line Infanterie

    Welcome to this forum and welcome to the very interesting and enjoyable hobby of imperial German headgear. Others will soon jump in and give you more details, however, It appears that you have been fortunate and for your first helmet have obtained a very nice private purchase helmet. The...
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    3rd Jaeger zu Pferd Enlisted man with his bride

    Outstanding. Dennis that might be the Koller I almost got when Marshall sold? I was holding my breath until he sent me a letter (remember those?) to tell me you had purchased it. Perhaps that’s not the same Koller, but what a beautiful Koller and helmet you have shown! That JzP Cartouche pouch...
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    Schirmmützen – Dragoner

    Absolutely! Jeff you might recall I also like Schirmmützen. In my opinion, cloth headgear condition is critical. Those are superb examples. Well done.
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    Generals I got my ducks in a row

    Welcome to the Rastatt Tennessee annex. Actually, perhaps Rastatt couldn’t produce a line-up like that. Absolutely incredible Steve. I’m sure I’m not the only one here who feels privileged to see these photos.
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    Old collector back

    Return of the Colonel! 🇺🇸