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    25th dragoons mantel

    AKO 12 July 1888 directed the Epaulettes be removed and replaced with removable shoulder boards. So I don't think that would work. Look cool, but probably not correct era. So until it's figured out, especially as it is Stuttgart made, I would not change anything. It appears to be correct and I...
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    25th dragoons mantel

    Well, when you have removable shoulder boards, you are almost guessing in some cases, as they might be replacements. DR25 received their cypher 22 Jan 1872 and this Überrock is too fine a condition to be that old. Gilt buttons when the helmet used silver fittings is correct for this Regt. But...
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    25th dragoons mantel

    And that is why I love Überzuge. Even has the correct flat buttons on the shoulder boards. Killer.
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    My little collection - Pickelhauben

    What Coert said. It is always a pleasure to see excellent condition and high-quality. I love Tschapka photos taken from the side. So distinctive the way it scoops down under the back of the skull.
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    Does anyone have evidence of M1860 Reserve / Landwehr Prussian Eagle Wappen?

    Thank you Glenn. This topic seems to blend in with this topic regarding Older Helmets with updated Eagle Wappen From Pietsch p.65 The helmets of the Reserve Officers “The Reserve Officer Corps was established on July 4, 1868. These officers received the regimental uniform in full, like the...
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    Mecklenburg-Schwerin Dragoon Regt 17 - Vizewachtmeister - mounted

    He’s going to or coming back from a parade. I sympathize with him.
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    Trouble Adding to a Post

    Tony, the raw images off a camera these days are HUGE. They would quickly suck up all the server storage. Before I post, I always re-size the image in an editing program to 1000 pixels in width or height. This can turn an enormous 12MB photo into a small 250KB image; a fraction of the size with...
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    Use Of The Word ‘Wounded’ Debated After Footage Of Armor With Cannonball Hole Went Viral

    I have seen this in Paris. Gave me chills down my neck. Poor guy was dead before he hit the ground.
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    Saxon Uhlan Tschapska M1860

    Bruno yes to all what you wrote, I stand corrected. What makes it confusing is that yes, Saxony adopted the Tschapka in 1867 but they retained the back neck flap and non removable cane and cloth neck but with the Wappen on the front of the shell, until 1888. As shown by the example in this...
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    My little collection - Pickelhauben

    This has happened unfortunately several times. Many very good threads have lost the images, especially any inserted into the old forum platform. There was also an issue where some photo hosting sites (possibly yours?) blocked third-party hosting. Examples are Photo bucket and Tiny Pic, which...
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    Saxon Uhlan Tschapska M1860

    John I assume you have the phenomenal book Herr, U, Nguyen, U. (2006) The German Cavalry from 1871 to 1914 Verlag Militaria, Vienna. Pages 522-533 show this exact model of Saxon Tschapka and explain the redundant ’folding rear visor’.
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    Saxon Uhlan Tschapska M1860

    John the Tschapka is an M1862 and that separately attached piece at the back of the skull is a leftover feature of the M1808. It served no purpose and was removed when the M1867 Tschapka was introduced.
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    It seems like a very nice Tschapka.
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    Infantry Regiment 8 Prussian Officers Tunic with MG Qualification Badge

    Tony and everyone else, if you can tear your eyes off the MG badge, those shoulder boards are silver wire pre war Waffenrock boards for Rheinisches Fußartillerie-Regt. Nr.8 (Metz) XVI Armee Korps. They were used on the M07/10 Feldrock until the M15 was introduced. So all good so far. The M15...
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    Grenadier Regt. Konig Karl (5. Wurtt.) Nr. 123 Offizierstellvertreter Waffenrock

    just noticed. The cyphers are for pre-war officer’s epaulettes! I have several shoulder straps like these. Very nice to see.