1 Garde Regt zu Fuss Veterans


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Since I don't know what all has been posted in the past,
Here are a few things of veterans items from 1 of my favorite
regiments the 1st Garde Regt. zu Fuss . This is the most elite
regiment of foot . All 6 of the Kaiser's sons had to serve in this
regiment at an early age .
There are a couple of paper items in the shape of the
parade miter . One is a menu and the other an autograph book from reunions .
The larger one on the right has a slot for pencil for the vets to use in signing
in the program.
A bracelet with the vets years of service ; small miter stick pins with enamel
colors of both red and yellow ; a couple of medals and a small
" Semper Talis " banner like on the helmet . I consider these to be
service souvenirs .