1 LHR 1 and 2 LHR 2

Well that is super ! Is this in your collection ? I think that this is correct for
1 L H R 1
2 L H R 2
and H R 4
Thank you for the photos and the post
I have the Sakular Parade Banners for the KAGGR # 1 / I Batl and II Batl
Steve Garde Grenadier Regt 1  Sakular flag streamers  I and I I Batl.jpeg
Sakular G G R 1  a.jpeg
I noticed that the LHR 1 reserve officer is the war time " Plush " body does not have a Bandeau. Was that common on these war time ones?
The lack of a Bandeau is not due to the War.

Reserve officers of Leib-Husaren Regt. 1 and 2 since 1813 did not wear a Bandeau (nor did any Reserve and Landwehr) as that was taken care of by the Little tiny Landwehr cross on the officer’s Feldzeichen.
Tony s always is correct
That is the only 'Plush " death head Husaren that I have ever seen
But per regulations if an active officer had one
I would expect it to have the proper banner
I did have a named H R 7 " Plush " officer some years ago
Hi KAGGR # 1, thank you so much for showing these tapes. I admire your collection especially with regard to flags.

Yes, the Leib Husaren regiment tape is from my collection. I also have the one from the Kürassier -Regiments Königin -Pommern- Nr 2, and another that I have not identified but that I think
It may be from ULANEN REGIMENT N 6, because it is the only one I have seen that has the upper part of the number 3 in the figure straight

The Banner that I present above can only be from one of Leib Husaren's two regiments

As for the Centennial Band, there were several regiments that had been founded in 1941 but only the two Leib-husaren regiments received their distinction in 1841, the date that appears after the initials of FW IV. (by AKO of 04/29/1941)
The other units with the inscription "ERRICHTET 1741"
Pi.Batls.3 Granted by AKO of 01/08/1876 for what behind the F.II. The date was 1876.
Hus.Rgt. 4 Granted by AKO of 01/24/1895 for which behind the F.II. the date was 1895


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    Copia de 1813 ULANEN REGIMENT N 6.jpg
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Great information provided by all, Steve, Tony and now 03 have greatly expanded my knowledge in this facet of Imperial German military collecting.
Hello 1003CAT ;
I have a collector friend who now has the 2 L H R 2 Standarte .
Is this there a dollar or Euro figure that you would consider
to sell your 1741 Sakular ?
He would pay top dollar or Euro plus to buy it and complete his flag .
I am in the USA in the State of Tenn.
are you in Europe ?
If you need any references I can provide them to you
Many thanks
I await your answer
Steve McFarland
Hello,KAGGR # 1

First of all, sorry for the delay in answering.

I don't need references, your contributions in the forum support you enough

I have thought about your question a lot, and I still don't know what to do.
I've been studying the centennial tapes for many years, and it's one of my favorite subjects.
But I am in a moral dilemma, as a collector I would like to keep this tape,
but deep down I think it must be with its standard.
Let me think about it for a while and I'll answer you.
Receives a warm greeting.
Hello 1003 CAT ;
Thank you for your recent post
Let me know when you are ready to talk about
the Sakular Parade Banners for 1 L H R 1
or 2 L H R 2
Thank you for your consideration
Steve McFarland
Riding crop. Mine is not engraved. So...might be "civilian". But: same type.


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