100 Years Ago Today - Russian Civil War Ended


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It could be argued that the First World War only truly ended today with the end of the Russian Civil War.

Here is a piece I wrote on the different firearms that were used in this most deadly conflict:
Missing from this study was the Polish-Bolshevik war of 1919-1921. The Polish-Bolshevik war from 1920 onward was largely a campaign against Europe as a whole, not just against Poland, which is why it became an event of global significance, according to British-Polish historian Professor Norman Davies.The situation was quite different from the current situation in Ukraine.Germany,France and Great Britain blocked the supply of equipment and ammunition for the fighting Polish soldiers.This is how the Western countries fell in love with Russia and Lenin.If not for the help of Hungary,who at the last minute before the Battle of Warsaw provided the fighting Polish troops with ammunition, communism in Europe would have already been in 1920.The Poles also owe the winning of the war to American volunteer pilots"The originator of the participation of American aviators in the war against the Bolsheviks was Capt. Merian Caldwell Cooper. This pilot, who fought in the Great War, was the great-grandson of Col. John Cooper, who took part in the Battle of Savannah in 1779 under the command of Casimir Pulaski. John Cooper carried off from the battlefield the severely wounded Polish commander, whom, by the way, he considered his friend. He was also present at his death, and at that time vowed that in revenge for the sacrifice of Poles in the war for American independence, in the future US citizens would pay this debt to the heroic general's homeland. True to the oath passed down in his family from generation to generation, Cooper wrote a private letter to Jozef Pilsudski in April 1919 with a proposal to create an American air squadron in the service of the reborn Republic."


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