12 October: a sad anniversary. But this year, a new heartbeat


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Every year I dread this day, but this year it is different. This year we have a new heartbeat in the house.

This is Zoë.

And yes first time in the Neu Bunker she peed.

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Tony, if I connect these recent posts correctly, Zoe is the one to be delivered to me soon, with order to chew on this IR96 hat:
"Bruno if your dog ever eats your helmet and you are stuck with that IR96 Reuß Wappen, let me know. That is one of only a few issued Wappen that has eluded me. If you don’t have a dog I’ll have one delivered."
Unfortunately I cannot afford a dog (or anything else alive) since I travel too much... She looks really sweet though!


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It takes a while to be able to have a new dog, they never are a replacement, they are all different. I am glad she peed, I know when James' new granddaughter pooped, we were all informed of the great event at the Show in July.


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You forget T that I also peed with excitement when I first saw your collection about 20 years ago! 😊 Congratulations on your new dog. 👍
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Someone once said: Of course you can live without a dog, it's just not worth it.
Congratulations and greetings from my Fritz. Here at the grave of Friedrich the great.


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Congratulations Tony! I miss the old four-legged friends I had to say goodbye to, but the pain goes away quickly when there is a new pup in the house.

Tony without Kaiser

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Yes I was thinking the same thing with all that lovely headgear on the bottom shelves.....

Oh I assure you I’ve got one eye on Zoë every second. It would take seconds to shred one of the cavalry M10 Krätzchen. Like a double piped Husaren or similar. And they’re right on the bottom shelves. But she is so sweet and gentle, she just wants to be near, and fortunately not interested in musty old hats.

I am glad she peed, //

Me too. It gave me a laugh. It’s like she christened it. 100% vinyl flooring impervious to water helps though.
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