1900 East Asian Sun Helmet

Hey All,

I picked this one up not too long ago. I purchased it at what I thought was a reasonable price. It turns out it was listed on Michaeldlong.com at some point. The price was right so I thought I would take a chance on it. There are no manufacturer markings at all on it. Not on the sweat band or either side of the vent. Thought the construction is very nice. It’s a nice heavy thick cork with tight sewing. All very similar to examples I am sure are original. The loops on the front and rear look to have never been used but look accurate. A few things that stand out to me as off: The number one thing is that the profile looks off compared to what a 1900 model should be. It’s a bit more squat. The cockade is well attached and held into place by spread butterfly wings under a sewn on band. It does not look like it was added later on as it is really on there. The cockade is not perfectly formed, it has more of the outer rim on the top than on the bottom. The chin strap looks original and is similar to what I have seen on others sun helmets, just not model a 1900s. Model 1900s typically have a thicker chin storm strap. It is also sewn into place rather than attached by hooks. The liner is marked with a BAO 1903 or 1902 but I can’t be sure. The the liner is also made of a different grade cotton than any of the other bortfeldt style helmets I own which are all fairly uniform. This material is a bit more fibrous like a lower thread count. It’s hard to describe. Finally the brim of the helmet is made of a burnished leather rather than the same khaki material that typically finishes off the helmet. Besides those differences it is a finely made helmet.

I am interested in anyones thoughts



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With the loops to attach a Wappen and the small cockade, I'd suggest this was for the SeeBataillon and therefore not an East Asian M1900. Great find though...
I thought it was Seebataillon myself but the marking shows BAO (Bekleidung Amt Ost-Asien) East Asian Uniform Depot. Was this also used to supply SBIII? I have no other SB sun helmets to compare it to