1910 DWM 8.D marked P.o8


I have a few unit marked lugers from the 1908-1912 Period Here is my favorite one a beautiful all matching except magazine. Came in a pristine 1916 Holster with a loading tool.


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Nice P.08, I like the pre war pieces. Beautiful workmanship. I like the unit marks too, I was always torn between condition and unit marks. Reminds me of the time I was on a Grand Jury in 1976. One of the sheriff’s deputies working in the courthouse was wearing a Luger. I commented on it, and he took me into the Judge’s chambers, unholstered and unloaded it, and handed it to me for inspection. It was a 1911 DWM with Dragoon regimental markings. He had started as a cop in the 1930s and bought a new commercial Luger. It didn’t work worth a damn, so he took it back to the store and traded it for this “war surplus” (his words) model which worked fine.



Yeah. They are addiction. I have 13 luger 5 or six of which are the slick back variety with unit marks. I will post more over the next couple days. I would love to get some insignia to match with and of the pistols i have.

thanks for the comment.


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Wayne ;
Shoulder straps for your marked Lugers would be nice .
I met a collector at the S O S who buys helmets to go with his Lugers .
I look forward to your posts


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No his name is Neil .
A fellow member of this site
There are members who could help you with helmets
or shoulder straps


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Mike Kelso published an excellent reference on shoulder straps recently, there are probably photos there of every piece that you need to back up your Lugers. There are also many of us here that collect them either on their own or to go with regimentally marked Pickelhaubes. Welcome to the forum.


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