1916 Square Dip


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<t>I believe that this is a square dip helmet.<br/>
It is an ET60, and is just the shell.<br/>
It has a 23 stamped inside the crown, and 60 in paint inside the rear skirt.<br/>
I would like to verify whether it is a square dip or not.<br/>
Also what it is worth, one way or the other.</t>
I will comment on my own post since no else is will.
Is stahlhelm no longer a member of this group ?
He had a great post about square dip helmets on Apr 1 2009
Apparently no one else is qualified or intelligent enough to make any statements about my helmet.
I don't think that challenging the intelligence of all forum members is very intelligent in itself, but then what does a dummy like me know.
Buy this book, learn, try not to be rude and keep your insults to yourself.

Maybe more than one photo would have helped too.

I would add that the simple point that you asked for value may also be why you didn't get a response. Many members on this forum have spent years researching, studying and trying to learn about these objects. These members have a passion not only about the objects but the history. Too often they are asked for their "expert" opinion on items so someone can go and sell that item and say, "the experts said it is X and it is worth Y."

It is worth what someone is willing to pay.
Better a "Stahlkopf" than a "Holzkopf" :-({|= :-"