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It's unfortunate that it was not mentioned that overall rust has been removed/wired off. Look at the pitting. That shell has had a serious cleaning and polishing.

However, if you are happy with it, that's all that matters.


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I have the front plate of the kurass of that regiment named to Kurassier Unger, (sorry to say I don't have the back side, nor the gorget)
I bought it because I like it, (I was planning to hang it on the wall along with a breast plate of a GdC officer, but never did)

kurass reg 2 front.jpgkurass reg 2 namelabel.jpgkurass reg 2 liner.jpg


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talking about kurasses
I recently bought this Prussian officer Kurass, (did not receive it yet)
there is a medal / orden on it, it looks like a Maltezer or Johanietter Cross, so I think the owner belonged to one of those knight-hoods,
(of course it has also the same shape as the blue max, but I don't think it has a link to that), I don't think the piece is named.officer kurass with medal.jpg


Hello Neil,
Good helmet, rare and prestigious. Yes, the sheet metal has been well polished, but the whole is good.
The KR2 ("Königin") is special and attractive! From his Hohenfriedberg victory banner plaque. This regiment was decimated in 1914, while it was charging in the old fashioned way, saber clear, facing a battalion of hunter-cyclists-machine-gunners in Halen in Belgium (Limburg). There is since a museum, commemorating this battle called "silver helmets".The Koller (tunic), and the armor of the KR2 were special. The headband (banderole) existed from the M42, it was integrated into the eagle in 1860 and will last on the M15.
( Google translation :unsure: )


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Thank you Gentlemen for your reviews. I do understand the rarity of these helmets and know from experience how hard they are to find. The same applies to the unit marked Luger that I have acquired. Hence the fact that the helmet has been cleaned and polished really means nothing to me. I am very pleased to have this addition to my Imperial German cavalry collection.

Thanks again.


Michiel, I saw that kurasses for sale and was very tempted to buy it, it was cheap for what it is. If it had been there pre-brexit, I would have probably purchased it. Hope you like it.


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Neil ;
I think that you did well .
I believe that I might have owned that helmet at one time .
If so I tell you of the history of it .
Best done and told when we will get together in person .
K R 2 is a rare helmet IMO


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Neil ;
It was nice to meet you at he S O S .
Thanks for taking the time to tell me
about your collection .
I look forward to seeing more photos
of your helmets and other related items .
The next time you come to town to visit your
daughter try and come to see me .
Who would have thought that that helmet could possibly turned out so great. That is indeed a beauty!

Steve, the pleasure was all mine. I really enjoyed our chat at the SOS. Take care.


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IMO to clean it and also to restore it .I think that if you don't remove the rust
then it will the rust process .So the helmet has been saved .
Bruno ; Are the photos before & after of the same helmet ?