6th Bavarian Chevauleger Regiment

I will do my best to answer Steve's question about troopers carrying both carbines and P.08 Lugers. According to the book Handbuch Deutscher Waffenstempel by Albrecht Wacker and Joachim Görtz, in 1914 a cavalry regiment was authorized to carry 90 P.08 Lugers and 529 Kar 98's. Granted, this is the K.98 and not the previously carried K.88, but I suspect that the ratio of pistols to carbines would have been similar in earlier organizations. All of the carbines were issued to "Gemeine" and only 7 of the Lugers were issued to this group. So, it is safe to say that the troopers did not carry both. Luger distribution was as follows (pardon the lack of translation, but that is due to my ignorance): Vizewachtmeister--8; Fähnriche--4; Unteroffiziere--49; Trompeter--12; Gemeine (previously mentioned)--7; Fahnenschmiede--4 and Sanitätsunteroffiziere--6.


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Finally got around to posting some additional photos for Neil:

Definetly an issued helmet from the looks of the liner. Fantastic condition!

Absolutely love the Bavarian kokarde!

Yes, the reversible Uberzug is very uncommon, I think it was esêcially used of the East Front where snow was present during months.