A dangerous copy !


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I want to show a dangerous Copy you today.

The helmet is original but the lion is an old copy.

The lion weighs exactly 500 grams , which is the original well !

The details are very well done. One can only say very few deviations.

The lion is already over 35 years old. There is an old copy of Wagner. Mr. Wagner was a German dealer. He has these pieces even manufactured and sold. Others have these pieces then sold as original ! :eek:

Mr. Wagner died a few years ago but the copies are still in circulation !

Details :

The screws connecting the lion to the base plate are incorrect.

The screws holding the Chiffrre are incorrect.

The hind paw is inside too massive and not stamped.

The bead of the base plate is too unclean.

Some seams are only hinted.

The lion's mane is too narrow.

There are very fine casting marks on the face of the lion. You can recognize them only in magnification.

The lion is a galvanic Copy !!!

I hope I have made ​​myself clear ?!?

Gruß Dragoner08


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That's correct, these fakes are on the market for decades, but you pointed out the things to look for...
Also the thread of the big center screw is metric which is not correct (it's to fine)...



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And where have you been all these years? :) This is great =D>
Thanks for sharing this very interesting knowledge :thumb up:


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It would be difficult to electroform an item of that size and in such a complex shape.

https://www.google.ch/patents/US5837118" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I attempted to grow an officer's spike top that way some years ago.


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Any chance the photos could be reloaded ? I cant view them. Anyone else with similar problems ? it seems these have gone to the same resting place as photo buckets.