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I had an interesting thing happen today that I had to share on this forum. A co-worker stopped by my house and noticed my collection. He is not a collector of anything, to my knowledge, but he took an interest in seeing what I have. I took out my 9th Grenadier Officer's Model 1867, which I am exceptionally proud of, and showed it to him along with an Infantry Officer's Degen that I display with it. He said something that absolutely blindsided me. He said:
"Wow, you have a nice helmet to go with your sword".

I was dumbfounded!
I always thought that I had a nice sword to go with my helmet!

I am sure that everyone on this forum knows exactly what I mean.

John :eek:


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SkipperJohn said:
I am sure that everyone on this forum knows exactly what I mean.

Yes John, but we are biased. I guess that for most lay people a sword is more impressive, symbolic, allegorical, suggestive than a hat... unless it is Napoleon's


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Not everyone sees the beautifullness and history of the Helmets and sees just „war-stuff“.
But I‘m with you, my Helmet is also my proud :thumb up:


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Not surprising that a “civilian “ would say this, as boys I am sure that most of us staged sword fights with sticks or actual wood swords we made from available lumber. In my case, I made swords from the wood slats taken off old style snow fencing.