A word to the wise


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A reminder to all of the membership.... most of us have 10's of thousands invested in our collections, others have $100's of thousands. Ultimately, there is no value to our treasures if no one else values them, no new collector wants to pay for them. So our purpose here is to always encourage, protect and educate new collectors, not to disparage them. Yes, there are times as an older collector, you might think....I don't have time for this silly question but it was and is a learning curve for all of us. I get educated here all the time by members more expert than I and yet, I get to play with other people's pointy hats and tear them apart !!! So keep this in mind my friends ...encourage, protect and educate! :) God, I sound like such a teacher! Trust me, I ain't woked, know how to shoot, was raised by a WW2 vet and a Scottish war bride so my eyes are wide open.
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