Another Unusual Camouflage Pattern M16


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The military directive of 7 July 1918 directed that all steel helmets be painted in equal sized segments with square edges. The colors were to be green, darkened yellow , rust, and brown. The segments were to be separated by black lines about 1/2 inch wide. This helmet meets only a portion of that criteria.


I have seen blues, reds, bright yellows, tans, and various other colors used on these helmets. This helmet has only subdued tans and greys.


It appears that grey and tan were used only to augment the original green color.


The black lines have long disappeared, but it does look like a section of solid black may have existed at one time.




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John, I don't like this helmet. The ochre yellow is not correct on this helmet and the grey looks modern paint. Though the directive was for colours to be painted in equal segments, not all soldiers take the directive seriously. Some units paint the helmet to match the paint on their guns and some to match the surrounding. I have seen camo helmets painted in splotches, and with no black dividing lines etc. They all tell a story.