Anybody else loves artilleriehauben?


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Khukri said:
:eek: Aaaarghhh...Spikey: should you plan to get rid of your fine Sachsen Kugelhelm...just let me know.
Thank you !

It's already gone I'm afraid to say, I do miss it but it went to a great mate of mine so it's in very good hands! :D


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Khukri said:

Just checked THE referencebook: "Die Deutsche Artillerie;1871 bis 1914"-Ulrich Herr and Jens Nguyen.
I will not copy-paste: So: please do check out pages 344-359 for Bayerische FAR Lederhelme (convex scales) and the pages 486-471 for Bayerische Fußartillerie Lederhelme (Flat scales)

"I learn it from a book !"


Very interesting. So the Bavarian artillery did the same thing the Prussian artillery did, curved chin scales for field artillery and flat for foot artillery.

This is my Prussian Fussartillerie. It is marked to "Artillerie Offizier Jos Kuiffer", a Fahnrich:

John :)


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Looking back on my post I think I showed many views of the same helmet to give the impression of a large collection. Sorry about that! :p
Wow, there are many interesting helmets shown in this thread.

I almost got a heartattack when i saw tony's kugelhelmets.




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Ok, Francis alerted me to creating a new Kugel Helme/Artillerie section on the forum here a couple of days ago and now you guys have gone way beyond and I can not switch these posts to the new section. So that section will be created in a couple of days so if you can post again there? Sorry, B