Austrian medals - information/identification appreciated, I need correct ribbons for at least a couple


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Here is my small collection of Imperial Austrian medals.

I'm thinking of assembling a little display with these and Imperial German medals arranged around an Imperial Austrian Eagle wappen plate I posted up in another section of this site.

Any information on these would be appreciated

I don't know if the ribbon is correct for the shiny gold one in the top center that says "2 December 1873" on the back - it is a lot thinner and softer than the ribbons on the other 2, so I wonder if it is original, a correct color replacement for the original, or just something someone put on there. What would this medal originally have commemmorated or been awarded for?

The bottom left medal is a duplicate of the one above it, it would be nice to have a correct replacement ribbon for it.

The bottom right medal also needs a ribbon. It says "DER TAPFERKEIT" (BRAVERY) on the back.

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