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Purchased this wappen at the SOS, got caught up in "collector fever" and ignored all the warning signs. However, my experience can provide some information which hopefully will prevent other members from making my mistake a $170US mistake! :(

Saxe Jaeger Shako wappen.... looks pretty good.

Hmm....wappen seems heavier than a normal saxe, brass nuts are modern but we find that sometimes....replacements, tin washers look ok and a rusty paperclip holding the shield on. could be a replacement for lost original Saxe pin??? :? .

Solder looks old but round based screw posts...???? :-? NOT GOOD!!

And things get worse....another paper clip soldered to the shield and used for loops! You can also see that the star is cast, not die punched as it should be. :ANGRY:

The shield is also cast....observe the bubbles in the white metal. A lesson learned. This wappen was purchased from a European dealer who had a case full of wappen on display. One of our members purchased a load of original shoulder boards from the same dealer. They were legit but this.....this wappen is fake.


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I am sorry that this happened to you. You can rest assured that it has happened to all of us at one time or another.
I will probably catch a lot of flak for this, but judging by the photos of SOS there seemed to be a great deal of "questionable" items at the show.
Enlisted helmets with officer Wappen.
Incorrect Wappen (line eagle) on JzP helmets.
Bavarian officers with incorrect (non-fluted) spike.
Baden with fake spike, chinstrap, and cockades.
Model 1862 (?) Kurassier with foot troops Wappen.
Model 1843 (?) Kurassier with 1843 screw posts, 1853 chinscales, and an 1867/71 Wappen (obviously not updated during the service period).
Helmets with Wappens that are obviously too large or too small for the helmet they are on.
I have never been to SOS, but it seems to me that you really need to be on your toes when buying something there.
Again I could be 100% wrong --- it's just what I see in the photos.

John :(


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Thanks John, this experience is all part of collecting you have to be careful and not get caught up in the moment. Yes you also have to watch at the SOS, best to deal with people you know, reputable dealers who stand behind what they sell.


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I‘m sorry for your bad buy :thumbsdown:
But thank you for your detailed describtion in that post. Some nice informations I didn‘t know ...


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No problem Sandy, that was the whole purpose of the post......show Collector’s what to look for so no one gets burned.


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Brian, I think we got it from the same guy at the show. I shipped all my loot via USPS to Singapore and the parcel arrived on Saturday morning. I inspected the plate this morning and realised it this morning that it is a fake. I was too eager to get an ors plate for my oldenberg marked R91 helmet. My fault and I feel so stupid to have committed such an oversight.


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Sorry to hear that you both bought bad items. It happens to everyone one time or another.

Yes, SOS remains full of fakes, and when in doubt it is good to ask a second opinion. I know many collectors don't like to do it because they think they spotted something everyone else has missed. I know too some collectors don't want to upset a dealer by having another collector look at an item. When I'm selling something I never have a problem if a buyer needs/wants to have another set of eyes check it out.

If a dealer doesn't like a second set of eyes then it tells you there is a reason!


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Yes Amy, the same Polish dealer who numbered his fake wappen with black markers and had tables at the back corner of the hall. Your wappen has one resoldered loop plus that fake cast shield should never be attached with prongs. Totally bogus! :thumbsdown:


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](*,) ](*,) Yes Brian, when I saw the plate after it landed at my door, I cannot believe that I made such mistake. It's such an obvious fake, how could I? stupid me. Moreover my hubby already warned me on the dealer's set up day about this Polish dealer. [-X yet I still fall into the trap. Cannot believe that I have done it. Not a lot of money US$160 I think but just cannot believe that I miss those signs of fakes.