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Hello all!

As some of you on the Forum know, my primary collecting focus is British Victorian and Edwardian cavalry/yeomanry helmets. I have in my possession three pieces, medals/bar from the German Empire period that don't fit in with by collecting interest.

I have a Dutchy of Baden Order of the Zahringer Lion, First Class with Oak Leaves and Swords and a Grand Dutchy of Oldenberg House Order of Peter Friedrich Ludwig with Crown and Swords.

I also have a seven medal bar consisting of the following medals: 1) Iron Cross Second Class; 2) Prussian Officers Long Service Medal 20 Years; 3) Dutchy of Oldenberg War Service Medal 2nd Class; 4) Lipp-Detmold Distinguished War Service Cross; 5) Free Hansatic City of Hamburg Hansatic Cross; 6) Kyffhauser Bund Medal; 7) Austrian Military Cross with Wreath for Valor. This bar has its corresponding miniature medals.

I acquired these medals in the mid 1980's (among many others which I have since sold) when I was stationed in the Federal Republic of Germany from a medal/militaria dealer in Wollershiem(?) FRG. I am now considering selling these medals/orders, too, if the price is right as they don't fit with my collecting interests. If anyone is interested in purchasing these medals/orders for their personal collection, feel free to contact me and make an offer in United States dollars for any or all three pieces!

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