Bavarian Military Merit Medal

Steve Nick

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This is another item I've had for years and never paid a lot of attention to. I don't collect Imperial medals and at the time I acquired it there were few avenues available to research it if I had the time which I didn't when I was working. Now that I'm retired I've started going through my collection and delving into things I had put to one side, so to speak.

I believe this is a Military Merit Cross 2nd class. I think the 1st Class is done in a Gold/Gilt finish? I think the swords indicate that it is a war time award.

I only discovered that there was a makers Hallmark recently, I'm embarrassed to say. On the reverse side of the swords, one of them has a "D" at the tip of the sword which indicates that it was made by Deschler & Sohn of Munich.

It's not only an attractive piece, I think it's very well made.

If anyone can offer any other information or observations on this I'd welcome the input.


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Bavarian Merit Crosses are indeed attractive and this grade is for an NCO
Bavarian Merit Crosses are indeed attractive and this grade is for an NCO

Thanks for that information. How does one distinguish between enlisted ranks, NCO's and Officers? Is it bronze, silver and gilt?
A nice looking cross with original ribbon. Congratulations Steve.
Thanks Alan . I wish had paid more attention to these awards much earlier. I really like the design. Unfortunately, they, like everything else have become pretty expensive for someone who's retired and has too many other money sucking hobbies.