Bavarian Musicmeister M 1912


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Here are my 3 new Bavarian Musicmeister shoulder straps .
These came from the last Kube auction
Left to right ;
Bavarian I R 1
Bavarian I R 6
Bavarian Field Artillery Regt 2
these are all the 3rd and final model shoulder straps
worn by the Musicmeister M 1912
all Musicmeister wore red straps no matter
what A K color was worn by other soldiers in the regiment
the first model was worn 1898 to 1908
2nd model was worn 1908 to 1912
3rd model 1912 on
SteveBavarian Music.JPG


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Great addition to your collection Steve! I love the little eagle heads on the arms of the lyre.


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The Musicmeister straps are quite rare as only one man at a time would wear these straps .


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Very nice Steve, you must have one of or the largest collections of these musician straps. The quality of the workmanship is exceptional.


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Thanks Brian .
I try and pick them up when I can
but there are other collectors after them also
there were 2 pairs in that same Kube auction that
I bid on but lost the bids
One pair was Bavarian I R 2 " Crown Prince "