Begian sword

stuka f

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these Belgian sword are generaly hard to date.
But thise one wasn't!
It has the logo of Leopold II ( 1835 – 1909).
Must be the first one I have seen in all those years.
And I only noticed when I got home. The only reason I got it is because it was sold with a other one who caught my attention.
Definitely a keeper.

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stuka f

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And I got myself my third Force Publique Belgian Congo sword.
Used from the begining until 1909.


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Nice swords! Do you know what kind of sword the top one is? It's similar to the Prussian and French curassier swords. Congratulations!

stuka f

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Thank you.
Yes, the first one is a classical infantry sword;no specific name or number.
The same model is still in use.
Straight blade for infantry and slightly curved for cavalery.
There is a two branche (sweepings) and a three branche (sweepings) loop guard...


Kris- a wonderful find, one that would be prized in any collection, I have owned a couple Belgian swords over the years, but never seen one with the etched blade like this, a truly special sword.