Belgian M15 Adrian and a Belgian Shako


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Some of my latest finds are these two.
I ussualy stick to cloth headgear but as a collector of Belgian ww1 militaria
you can't go without a M15 Adrian.
I'm not an expert on Adrian helmets, but I liked the color on this one(looks original to me),
so I couldn't resist...
Sadly there's no liner and a damaged chinstrap, but that makes it a little cheaper.
Seems like there is a name written in it, but I can't read it.

And then my prized possesion, a belgian shako 11th line regiment.
I'm not sure but i think it's a M1893.
It's not in great condition but these are hard to find, so I had to have it.
Another thing is that this regiment took part in a battle in 1914 that took place about 10 miles from where I live.
It came from an attic and by the amount of dust on it, it had been there for a while.
The top has been damaged and torn and then there's the colour...
These shako's should be dark blue, but this one has more of a dark green colour.
Question is, has the blue faded because of sunlight or time, or is something else wrong with it?
Any tips or tricks how to preserve this for the are more then welcome;
I don't want it to deteriorate any further.



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Lovely !

I like the 11th Line Infantry Regiment tschako ! Great patina !
My grandfather entered the army in 1903-in this Regiment ! Norbert, Désiré Hendriks
In 1914 he fought at Liège and Antwerp and then 4 years at the IJzer/Yser front. Sergeant.
His brother Urbain fell at Ramskapelle July 24th 1917. "Eclat d'obus" Shell burst. Sergeant.

Thank you !


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I really like the M15 - a good honest piece with a nice patina. It displays nicely with the shako. Congrats.


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Thanks for the nice comments guys, i'm really happy with these two.
I don't know the complete history of the 11th line regiment but they fought the entire war from 1914 to 1918.
The battle I was refering too took place in september 1914 and was part of 2 Belgian counterattacks.
The intentions were to force the Germans to keep a large number of their troops in Belgium,
slowing down the advance into France and giving the allied forces a better chance to win the first battle of the Marne.
The village I was talking about is called 'Haacht' and today there still is a street named after the 11th line regiment.
Your grandfather probably took part in the actions over here.
Great to find out these things, brings history a bit closer.